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Switching the enterprise from traditional sources of energy to RES: Samal EcoEnergy offers enterprises of any scale the transition to an autonomous power supply, which will completely give up connection to a centralized power network. We create the most cost-effective autonomous power supply that will produce environmentally friendly electricity using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and water. Their use gives independence from regional pricing policy, because green energy generation facilities are usually autonomous.

Designing of autonomous power supply - work for professionals-professionals of our company in cooperation with our foreign partners. Qualitative and trustworthy cooperation with European and Asian advanced corporations and in the future will serve as a basis for the success of our projects. Own backup power systems are used on a variety of sites, whose production process requires uninterrupted power supply and self-monitoring of electricity supply.

The organization of backup power supply is especially urgent in the conditions of heavy wear and tear of the general electric networks - it's not a secret for anyone that frequent interruptions in electricity supply have long been common in many Kazakhstani cities, especially in the province. At the same time, a power outage even for a few hours can cause huge losses.


To own a personal power plant is effective and expedient when:

• There is no centralized power supply network in your region, or the connection is connected with the laying of new power lines and the installation of an additional substation. When connected to a centralized power supply network, you will have to pay the cost of connecting to networks, the cost of laying a low-voltage transmission line (the cost varies in different regions from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000 per 1 km), as well as paying for consumed electricity at grid rates.

• You want to be independent of your local electrical networks. In case of power outages, you are left without electricity, and maybe even without heat. Recently, due to climate change, cases of natural disasters that lead to accidents in electrical networks have become more frequent. Another factor is the extreme wear and tear of equipment from power generators and electrical networks. Even without natural disasters, technological catastrophes are very likely.

• You want to reduce the impact of power generation on the environment. Climate change is largely associated with the emission of greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere. Energy and transport are the main polluters and sources of greenhouse gases. You can, at your particular place, help our planet be cleaner and stop the destructive processes of climate change.

• The locality where your enterprise is located is rich in renewable energy resources. You will be surprised, but there are a lot of such regions in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Reducing the cost of renewable energy equipment has made it possible to review the boundaries of the economically effective use of renewable energy sources in the country.

• And finally, you do not lose hope that in our country, mechanisms will be put in place to stimulate the generation of clean energy. Such as exist now in the developed countries of Europe, the USA, China, India, Japan and many others.


In the world, there are many power plants, CHP plants and steam farms, in the process of which low-pressure steam forms, which cannot be used either for technical or commercial purposes. This is an inefficient consumption of energy resources with low efficiency of their use.

At present, more prototypes of the power generator are being developed, using heat as a raw material for generating electricity. Thus, thermoelectric generators can solve two problems at once: obtaining cheap electricity (three to four cents per kilowatt-hour) and recycling industrial waste, which includes heat. The US government believes that obtaining electricity by utilizing industrial heat will soon be able to surpass all other renewable energy sources.

Another advantage of the generator is its relative simplicity in comparison with conventional thermal turbines and, accordingly, cheapness. Well, do not forget that to get energy with it you do not need to burn fossil fuels. Those. it is a source of renewable energy.

Generating electricity without additional use of organic fuels

• Increase the electrical efficiency and overall economy of the installation

• Reduction of electricity consumption for own needs

• Improved installation performance

• Lifetime: 20 years (standard for power plants)

• Low investment and short payback periods