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About us

LLP "Samal EcoEnergy" is a dynamically developing enterprise operating in the field of electricity production using renewable energy sources (hereinafter referred to as "RES").

The company "Samal EcoEnergy" started its activity in the Kazakhstan electric power market in 2013. Despite being established not so long ago, Samal EcoEnergy has proved to be one of the best, promising organizations in the field of developing projects for the use of alternative energy sources.

Given the high potential of wind and sun power in Kazakhstan, the Company strives to use inexhaustible natural resources to generate green energy, and thereby contribute to the preservation of the environment of our country.

The Mission - reliable and high-quality supply of electrical energy produced using renewable energy sources. The goal is the establishment of the company as a leading manufacturer in the field of renewable energy in Kazakhstan and beyond.

To realize its mission and objectives, Samal EcoEnergy LLP plans to implement the following strategic objectives:


• Production and sale of electricity using RES;

• Ensuring the reliability of power transmission systems from RES;

• Ensuring reliable operation of the main equipment of RES.


The company "Samal EcoEnergy" is engaged in the development of projects of Wind and Solar Power Plants on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.